Looking for the best Australian UHF CB 80 simplex AND 16 repeater channels
programming file (dat, cvs, img) for the Baofeng UV-5R, UV-82, GT-3TP radios?
Click Here
Looking for a local radio check or friendly chat?
Gold Coast Call Channel: UHF 11
Put a call out for locals Bull Dog, Cooter, Chopper, Goose Neck, Metho, Number7 (aka Bushie)


Tweets sent to @GoldCoastCB are re-tweeted to this central feed.

Where's the old forum? Retired. Only a few could / would use it,
while most via their phones, tablets, etc. already have / can obtain Twitter access. Twitter offers anonymous user names, 1 minute sign up, easy messaging, youtube linking, image and personal video uploads etc. We're CBer's after all, so why not spend more time on the radio and less on the bloody thing that took our Eye Balls, Cruzes, BBQ's, Fox Hunts and YL's away???? Twitter helps do that with less clicks :)

"Keep The Dirty Side Down And The Shiny Side Up" Papa Thermodyne


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