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« on: March 24, 2015, 02:08:24 PM »

Where to about the beginning.

About a year and a half ago I took a lady friend of mine for a drive down to Byron Bay.

In the following weeks an ass clown I've know since he was 16, got on the radio and told me he quote "allowed" me to take my lady in to Byron Bay.

That ass clown's name is Ivan, call sign "Square Peg".

To this day he's never apologized for that.

Weekly we all have to listen to him accusing us of being anally sodomized.

"You all take it up the ass with no vas" Ivan

Any ass clown that makes outlandish statements about who I can or can't see,
mixed with anally rapped sodomite remarks, deserves praise, or disgust?

Common sense dictates that disgust be shown towards such a fool - and disgust I have been showing.

Not lately, but in the recent past, Ivan has happily aired my full name over the radio.

Now days when I return the favor on the odd occasion, he goes into lawyer mode.

Hence this post - he's supposedly taking me to court.

Before I carry on, I'd like to quote part of a random conversation I heard on the old channel 04...

“Stop stalking me and my sister you fucking creep. Delete my phone number and If I get one more message on FaceBook or see you drive past my house again I’m taking out an AVO!”

About four months ago, over the public airwaves and while talking to Darren Phoenix, Ivan proceeded to
make pubic my lady friends personnel off radio matters.

I contacted her and informed her Ivan was blurting garbage over the radio about her and her parents.

So we got this snow ball growing..

- The supposed permission to see my friend crap
- The saying my name over the radio double standards
- Blurting my lady friends private off radio information all over the air
- The daily anally rapped sodomite accusations

Then to add, about a year ago he came over for a punch on - he turned up and sat atop the hill in my street.
I went up to get things going, and out pops my lady friend instead of Ivan.

Who the hell fires up the road like I did ready to punch on, while knowing a woman is in the car?

He's on the radio in the last week claiming i knew she was coming over.

He's a fucking liar!!!

At this stage I was in no mood for conversations -- once I found out the mutual lady friend was in the vehicle,
I yelled out to her to leave and take her coward boy friend with her.

Today Ivan is lying and saying that I knew in advance she was coming over to speak with me.

That's a balled faced fucking LIE!

So it grows..

- The supposed permission to see my friend crap
- The saying my name over the radio double standards
- Blurting my lady friends private off radio information all over the air
- The daily anally rapped sodomite accusations
- Lying about me supposedly know a woman was in the car with him.

Yet I'm the one that's supposedly getting dragged through court?

How about fuckwits like Ivan mind their own fucking business about whom I take where.
How about fuckwits like Ivan stop being hypocrites while saying my name over the air.
How about fuckwits like Ivan stopping airing my friends private matters over the radio
How about fucvkwits like Ivan act his age and stop telling me daily that I sodomize my rectum with nil lubrication.
How about fuckwits like Ivan stop re-inventing history to save face over a meet up matter.

The longer list will be entered into evidence along with my mobile phone sms's
and audio recordings of the accuser playing the hypocrite fool.

Ivan started this shit when he shamed me on-air claiming he gave me permission to see my friends.

You, and you alone started this crap you fucking freak!

Eat a sock.
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« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2016, 10:36:47 AM »

I wasn't going to worry about this update, but the cunt was on 03 this morning gloating with Dimmock
and trying to drag Bulldog into their cesspit of shame.

It's been 12+ months of daily "cooties cooties cooties" bullshit driving folks crazy.

I did three weeks of silence through February, yet the cunt was still going on.

Saturday 26th March 2016 while out and about, Ivan Primorac
proceed to harasses myself over the radio again.

I asked the cunt to leave me alone - he kept going, so I told him I was going to stop by for face to face.

He didn't like the idea - although March 2014 he had no problem parking a few doors up from my place
late at night waiting for me to walk up for a punch on. I walked up only to find he brought Ms Vortex over
to stand up for him as he sat in the car with his seat belt on.

June 2015 as he drove past my "turn off" - he wanted to come over to face to face.

Why face to face? That's what real men do.

Repeater owner Gary Grevis is all for face to faces...

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

So I pull up across the road of his mothers house. (yes, hypocrite Ivan still lives with mummy)

For someone that didn't want to face to face, there he was on the footpath
hiding behind a baby stroller - his mother was home - there was no need to bring
a baby out for a face to face - there was no prior mention over air of a baby being there.

No, so he then pulls out the phone and starts reading my number
plates to someone - presumably the police.

Yeah he knows my full name and address, yet the cops need my number plate?

It was clear after 30 seconds that the piss weak gutless microphone zero wasn't going to
put the phone down, take the baby inside to mother, and come out and cross the street and be a man.

To date, no cops - yet there he is still, two days later today still breaking the ACMA law harnessing me on the radio
and gloating with his piss weak coward side kick, David Gary Dimmock.

The same Dimmock that won't tell his piss weak Primorac mate whom the "jizzem lips" guy is.

Two piss weak turds with no on-air signals, and no off-air balls.

A match made in hell.

8pm update: Ivan was out the front of the Gold Coast Bulletin (2.5km away) tonight and called me out,
while spewing predicted propaganda garbage about his baby.

I wasn't going anywhere tonight.

I invited him to come over here and park where he did two years ago without hesitation.

Nope, no show tonight. Last time he had a woman to hide behind.
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« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2016, 02:44:51 PM »

Been awhile since posting on this dull assed thread.

Since the last post, our hero Ivan has also burnt bridges with Metho Mick and Bulldog.

Ivan never drinks, yet day after day he sits on the radio with no friends
doing repetitive solo drivel such as; "whats the matter cooties".

Of late, he's taken to naming both mine and Bundy's home address's over the radio.

I go for days, usually weeks without responding to his childish
attempts to get me on-air.

Professional CB trouble maker David Gary Dimmock let's us in on his secrets ...
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

The only way Ivan can get someone (apart from brown nose Dimmock) to speak
to him now days, is to abuse them on-air.

Today while at work moving dirt from point A to point B, Ivan was throwing solo BS out yet again.
He was even dropping Bulldogs first and last real names on-air. (Bulldog wasn't even on)

Silly twit even accused Paul Whitehouse of being on the side abusing him.

Low on original memes, Ivan's been repeating "whats the matter cooties" ... "poor cooties"
.. "sick Mick" ... over and over hoping for some sort of reaction from myself or others.

I would seem he's suffering some form of mental illness.

Dear  Jesus, please make Ivan better.
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« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2016, 11:55:14 AM »

Cooter's Australian movie review..

'A Month of Sundays'

[right: dude with the dark hair hiding behind the pram]

Shitty movie, but funny watching the tight assed Ivan clone whinge about
money from behind a pram just like the real deal does in real life.

Ivan clone (Patrick Graham) is an 8.5 out of 10 Ivan clone.

Ivan clone is 4 minutes in during the home auction scene where he bids,
losses, then later confronts the agent to whinge over money.

Sounds like the real thing. Horrible acting like the real one as well.

They fucked up in the movie, as the real Ivan doesn't have a girl friend
or the desire to buy his own home  toothy12
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« Reply #4 on: September 22, 2016, 09:44:58 AM »

ABC03 22/0916

Ol' Ivan's list of those he hates is still growing.
Last night he added Darren Phoenix (who wasnt even on) as well.

So far on his hate list ..

Metho Mick
Darren Phoenix
Opium Jeffery
Paul Whitehouse

What about Bundy?

Rarely does he speak ill of turd burgler Bundy (aka Paul Assfellow)
Ivan really wants to join the Ass Army and become a
'Brown Finger' (new recruit rank given after sticking a finger up the leader)
but because I stir him about it, he wont because he hates to be proven wrong.

Ol' Ivan seems to think blurting out my and Dom's surnames
and addresses over the CB radio is fine, so whats good for the goose
is good for the gander here on the internet ....

Ivan Primorac

35 Baratta Street, Southport 4214.

Hard to miss - look for the mold farm
Must be real nice and healthy inside.

Ivan's been saying Bulldog's surname over the radio
ad nauseam the last few days - an easy 40 times last
night alone.

Got so bad even usually quite Wazza spoke up and told him to shut up.

The fool is so paranoid, he believes my arch enemy Paul Whitehouse
is on the side stirring him up with me. He even believers Opium Jeffery
is there as well.

He's either on the booze, or maybe the mold from the house is causing
a brain imbalance. We all just wish he'd get some professional
help before he burns any more bridges.

He doesn't have many left to burn.  violent5

Usally anyone that speaks with me is an open target.

Watch out Kaos, Goose, and Zane, you're the last few on his list.
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« Reply #5 on: September 28, 2016, 04:18:50 PM »

Geez, I wish the real Ivan would admit himself into the MHU.

I've been researching those that blame a whole group
for the actions of a few.

In this case the 'whole group' are those Ivan doesn't slag off,
and 'the few' are the ones Ivan does slag off making the
others suffer in the process.

It appears that type of group punishment behavior is a form of mental illness.

Silly Ivan complains that wrong has supposedly been done to him, yet
he's doing wrong over the CB to others.

Everyone has to listen to his around the clock shit.
It's a form of group harassment.
Even usually quite Wazza is speaking up about it.

It's not like we haven't asked to meet with Ivan and take it off the radio.
Ivan wants to keep his shit on the radio and group harass.

ACMA LAW doesn't have a section on group harassment,
as those like Stalin are long dead.
But they do cover harassment in general.

6    Conditions — general

A person must not:
(f) operate a CB station:
(i) in a way that would be likely to cause a reasonable person, justifiably in all the circumstances, to be seriously alarmed or seriously affronted; or
(ii) for the purpose of harassing a person; or

Not sure if it's real (sent anonymously), but below looks like the first police report Ivan filed.
Police Officer's name is replaced with P.O and Ivan's name is shortened to I.P.


IP: Hi, I'd like to report verbal abuse I'm receiving over the CB radio.
PO: Verbal CB radio abuse? That's the ACMA's department
IP: Thouuu, but I'm here now. Can I file a report anyway?
PO: Hurry up then, what's your name, D.O.B and address
IP: Ivan, 43, Southport (full details removed)
OP: Is that your home?
IP: No, my mothers
PO: You're 43, use a CB and live with your mother still?
IP: What do you mean? Sorry, bad defensive reply habit .. I mean yes, I do.
PO: (holds back laughter) OK, so what do you want to report?
IP: Immaturity over the CB radio.
PO: Immaturity? But you're 43, use CB radios and live with your mother.
IP: I don't mean my immaturity, I mean all those that don't kiss my ass.
PO: Well then your Holiness, can you please give me an example of what they do?
IP: Yes, they ask awful abusive questions.
PO: Like ..
IP: Former friend called Metho asked me how my family was.
PO: You want to file a report because a friend asked you how your family was?
IP: What do you mean ... err sorry, yes!
PO: (head scratch) Anything else?
IP: Ow yes, another hater called Cooter has been verbally abusing me.
PO: Why?
IP: I told him that I "allowed" him to take his lady friend out -- and that pissed him off.
PO: The lady your girl friend, family or wife?
IP: No not then, and not now.
PO: Okay, anything else?
IP: Yes, thouuu, another former friend called Bulldog.
PO: (yawwn) And what did that former friend do?
IP: He won't submit to me and stop being friends with Cooter and Metho
PO: Sir, you're wasting tax payers money. I'd like for you to leave this building right now and go seek professional medical help.
IP: Thoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, you take it up the ass with no vas !! (runs out the door)


Supposedly a second report was filed and is coming soon.

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« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2016, 10:04:41 PM »

Just anonymously received another supposed police report supposedly filed by Ivan.

Police report supposedly filed during the day and over the phone


PO: Hello 000, clearly state your name, location and emergency...
IP: I'm Ivan, Southport, and have a stalker looking at me
PO: Is the person male or female?
IP: Male
PO: Where are you right now?
IP: At my mothers house where I live.
PO: Is he on her premises? Are you in danger?
IP: Yes, I feel in danger. He's looking right at me.
PO: OK, I just dispatched a unit. Stay on the phone. Is he on foot?
IP: No, he's in his car parked across the road
PO: In his car looking at you? Does he have a weapon?
IP: Yes, his stare looks dangerous
PO: His stare? What, does he have laser beam eyes? (sarcasm)
IP: Probably, he looks mad.
PO: Do you know this person?
IP: Yes, he's a CB radio user that I was abusing ten minutes ago ... whoops, hell, can we erase that part?
PO: No we can't. You abused this person over a CB radio and now he's across the road staring at you?
IP: Well, yes, kind of.
PO: Kind of what?
IP: The dangerous laser beam eyes part probably isn’t right.
PO: But the rest is? Are you secure?
IP: Yes, I have a pram for protection.
PO: (head scratch) A baby pram?
IP: Thouu, yes, with my two year old in it. My mum's inside the house having a cup of tea with Bob.
PO: Who's Bob? Your father?
IP: Mum's no legged budgie that can whistle Dixie backwards and won first place at the show for bob sledding.
PO: So where are you and the baby?
IP: On the foot path outside my mothers house on the busy main road.
PO: You abused someone over a CB who has obviously turned up now over that,
and you take a baby outside into harms way instead of leaving it with your mother?
IP: Thouuuu, what do you mean .. err sorry, I mean, yes that is correct.
PO: What is "thoouuu"? Are you that 43 year old CB radio idiot that still lives
with his mother and in the ##### station last week
telling Officer ##### to “take it up the ass with no vas”???
IP: (hangs up)


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« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2016, 10:49:49 AM »

Gawwwd I hate this thread ...

So mentally ill Ivan was on again last night group harassing and
still sounding confused as to why he has no friends.

From his own mouth; about two years ago he told us that in the past
he's had ...

"30 people outside my house".

 angry4 30 angry people - two of them Paul Whitehouse and Stooge.

Ivan even revealed last night that at another time, a
very angry Paul Whitehouse "held a knife" to Ivan's "stomach".

[same Whitehouse that took me to court over a non-existent shotgun]

I tried to get Ivan to think why it would be that so many people
have had issues with him over the years.

In one ear and out the other.

He thinks it's all our fault for everything bad going on in his CB life.

That's what mental illness does.

Ivan, you're responsible for your own train wrecks.

Poor Ivan is so delusional that he thinks a guy called
1086 Chris regards him as a mate still. If that was the case Ivan,
then like DaVo was, you would have been invited to Chris's DVD

No Ivan, you weren't invited because ... drum roll ... they don't like you either.

Geezzz, Dom went over there a few weeks ago and meet you face to face.

Rather than sort out your issues with him face to face like a man would, you went
inside, hid behind a locked door, picked up the mic and proceed to group punish
the whole channel with your complete and utter fucking pointless nonsense.

If you want to act like a 12 year old child, fine, but frick off the CB
and do it somewhere else.

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« Reply #8 on: November 21, 2016, 11:03:12 PM »

Nothing much new - same hypocritical wanker on day after day harnessing us all. (now without a repeater)

Although the last week or so, his royal worship has flipped from hard to get, to all willing to meet.

Geez, last time around he was running down the cop shop at the drop of a hat filing boo-hoo reports.

Now he's acting all tough on-air wanting to meet me in a "dark secluded place" on "Ashmore road".

In his sick mind, he thinks there's a difference between meeting on public or private property.

Doesn't matter where you are in Australia while thumping people as the  same repercussions apply.

I was over the limit last night, so I invited him over to my place. He's done it before (but he had Janine
 in the car to protect him that time) He didn't take up the offer last night which in retrospect shows a
lack of commitment to his lonesome loser lost cause.

I was man enough to confront him at his mothers place a few months back.

I even sat up at the Ashmore 7/11 waiting for him 5 or 6 times over the last six months to no avail.

After 6+ months of chasing that ass clown around for a meet up, I've gotten over the whole matter

I'm in the third pity stage with that lying prick ..

surprise > anger > pity

- Surprise stage was when he first came out with his "allowed" Byron trip BS with Janine.

- Anger stage kicked in when I started getting feedback on the way the turd was treating Janine
and his own on-air BS slagging off her family. (whom I know)

I'm now at the pity stage where I just don't care anymore.

The prick can chase me now and show the cops what a waste of time lying hypocrite he is.

Yeap, moans and groans at the cops about he supposedly being harassed,
yet now days he's doing the very same.

12 months ago Metho Mick asked Ivan if his baby was a boy or a girl.
Ivan hit the roof and cut ties with Mick over that because he thought Mick was
asking on my behalf.

Yet yesterday Ivan held the mic in and let his 2 year old daughter speak over the air.

Geez, dump a mate over a gender question, yet a year later have no problem letting us all
hear over the radio that she, is a she. So much for that supposed top secret.

Yeah, nothing wrong with you Ivan. (sarcasm)

100% mental illness.  Vas Fag
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« Reply #9 on: December 28, 2016, 10:30:29 PM »

UHF03 28/12/16

- Ivan claimed Ms Vortex (unfortunate mother of Ivan's daughter) punched him "in the face"
- He supposedly brought the matter up in front of a family court judge.
- Ms Vortex supposedly denied the allegation.
- While hanging shit on Bulldog, Ivan claimed he pays "$30,000 a year tax" (income of $120,000)

Anyone that's ever meet Ms Vortex, would know she's one of the most passive, nice,
sweet, kind and caring people out there.

If the punch allegation is true, then Ivan must have really gotten under her skin.

I know the feeling. He has that effect on many of us.

Cause and effect - you're the cause, Ivan.

It's not us, it's you.

Poor old persecuted Ivan...

Yeap, he makes $120,000 year, but wont spend $300 getting his mothers mouldy house cleaned up.
All that money, and he couldn't get his own place while courting Ms Vortex.
All that money and he couldn't buy her a wedding ring before getting her pregnant

Yet Ivan was on again slagging off her and her family last night.

Ms Vortex and her catholic family hold strong christian values about marriage before sex.

Former catholic school student Ivan Primorac on the other hand, holds no values.

Mental illness is an ugly thing to witness.


Income source based on 30k tax:
« Reply #10 on: July 10, 2017, 07:02:31 PM »


INTERVIEWER: So we hear you have channel 03 all to yourself now days.
How did that happen?

IVAN: I pissed everyone off except for David Dimmock.

INTERVIEWER: Ow, so just you and Dimmock are on channel 03 now days?

IVAN: Hell no. Dimmock is dog assed boring like me. We teamed up and are breaking the law together on other channels now.

INTERVIEWER: Breaking the law? In what way?

IVAN: We're stalking and harassing 'them' on the other channel 'they' moved too.

INTERVIEWER: Why not just leave them alone?

IVAN: I'm mentally fucked in the head and can't stand being rejected. If anyone is going to break off a relationship first, it'll be me.

INTERVIEWER: Relationship? They are all guys. Do you have a queer crush on some of them?


INTERVIEWER: Then why are you acting like a sulking girl that lost her dolly?

IVAN: Like I said, I'm fucked up in the head. I live in my own reality. I like to slag off cooter about where he lives, even though I live in the same situation. My side kick Dimmock lives in his fathers unit. In my reality, being a hypocrite is normal behavior. I have no idea what shame feels like either. I didn't go to my fathers funeral after all, yet I happily liveon his property still. When mum dies, I'll move into the master bedroom. I'll feel like a real man then, while slagging off others. No more outdoor granny flat for me.

INTERVIEWER: Supposedly good friends of yours like Stooge, Kaos, 1086, 668 don't have time for you either. Do you go around stalking and harassing them as well?

IVAN: No way, that would be insane.

INTERVIEWER: Supposedly three of the people that moved to channel 10 to get away from you, were ganging up on you last night?

IVAN: Yes, three against one. Not fair. I started clamming up when cooter called me out again for a face to face. I didn't go because I'm a pussie. I told my side kick David Dimmock all about it today. Well, not the part about me chickening out of a face to face with cooter.

INTERVIEWER: Where did this three against one situation happen?

IVAN: On channel 10.

INTERVIEWER: So let me see if I have this right. People moved to channel 10 to get away from you and Dimmock -- yet you went to channel 10 to provoke those people into anger. Then when they got mad at you, it's all their fault?

IVAN: Yes.

INTERVIEWER: [Johno, call the department with the white jackets and let them know we have a live one]

IVAN: Yeah, I told Dimmock all about it today.

INTERVIEWER: Over the phone or on channel 03?

IVAN: Thoouuu, no, on channel 10. hehehehe

INTERVIEWER: So you sulked like a little girl with Dimmock today on channel 10? The channel where you're both not welcome?

IVAN: Yeah, so what.

INTERVIEWER: Clearly you are fucked up in the head. Do you feel guilty consuming the earths resources that could be better used on normal people?

IVAN: No, because the world and everything on it evolves around me.

 Vas Fag
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« Reply #11 on: February 18, 2018, 09:03:59 AM »

Below is the email sent to the #ACMA 09/02/18 (yet acted upon by the #ACMA)

From: Rodney Stevens [contact details removed]

Also with permission and on behalf of:
Mick (full name and contact details removed)
Dominic (full name and contact details removed)
[name removed for privacy]
[name removed for privacy]
[name removed for privacy]

ISSUE: Stalking and harassment on UHF citizen band

I (Rodney) and my friends have moved UHF CB channels three (3) times in the last 12 months to get away from stalking and harassment by one Mr Ivan Primorac of 35 Baratta Street, Southport 4215.

We all used to share the one local CBRS on ABC03. It was shut down by Gary Grevis (AB Coms) 12 months ago.
Mr Ivan Primorac's signal into ABC03 was awful, thus we could all hear each other over his harassing.

Now that we're all stuck on simplex, Mr Ivan Primorac has become an issue - he lives within a 2km radius of most of the friendly folks in Southport and surrounding areas.

Because of the issue we were having with Mr Primorac on channel 03, my friends and I left him there and quietly moved from channel 03 to channel 10. This was OK for about a month until he found us and started his harassment again.

So again we moved, this time to channel 13. A fortnight later he followed (aka stalked) us and started the harassment and button pushing again.

Next we moved to channel 11 where we still are today. He, 45 years old, turned up about 1 month ago with his childish harassment and bullying agenda.

[section removed]

Up front, there's no Angels in this situation between Mr Primorac and the rest of us, that has been going on for some 30 years.
Tit for tat crap...but tit for tat crap the rest of us want to stop.

Our point is, my friends and I have been actively moving channels to get away from Mr Primorac and his issues.

He works during the week - taunting and button pushing usually starts 4.30pm onwards
He's usually almost always home weekends. (single, has no friends and lives with his mother)

Mr Ivan Primorac, 35 Baratta Street, Southport 4215.

No doubt he'll waffle on with long winded stories to justify breaking ACMA harassment and staking laws.
[section removed]

If you need more information from different sources please contact my friends via their mobiles (supplied above).

Thank you,
Rodney Stevens.
[mobile removed]
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« Reply #12 on: February 26, 2018, 11:14:30 PM »

Update: Sunday 25 February 2018

From: Rodney [full name, address and phone number removed]

Also with permission and on behalf of:

[names removed]

ISSUE: Harassment on citizen band.

-------------------------- quote -------------------------------
Proper conduct There are specific conditions regarding personal conduct during operation of a CB radio station, and penalties apply for improper conduct. In particular, the CBRS class licence states that:

A person must not operate a CB station:

    in a way that would be likely to cause a reasonable person, justifiably in all the circumstances, to be seriously alarmed or seriously affronted; or
    for the purpose of harassing a person
-------------------------- unquote -------------------------------

Update: Sunday 25 February 2018

Tonight while harnessing, Mr Ivan Primorac of 35 Baratta Street, Southport 4215 mentioned the ACMA paid him a visit last week.

While goading tonight, he seems to believe he's allowed to act in such a manner as he believes the ACMA sides with his side of a story.

Story's are irrelevant. Even if they were, the ACMA hasn't heard our side.

The issue is, the law.

A group of friends that don't like Mr Ivan Primorac, have moved channels several times to get away from him. End of his stories.

He then turns up GOADING  (aka harnessing) on his illegal radios (which by the sounds of it tonight he still owns) where he's not welcome, and acts in breach of the CLASS LICENSE.

That's the only story that matters. We could write long history dialogues about 30 CB'ers turning up at his mothers place wanting to tear strips off him for kicking a 13 year old girl (Stacy Robinson) out of his car, and making her walk home, because she would NOT have sex with him.

I can't understand why he's still on there tonight acting like a Chester cat gloating about how wonderful his ACMA visit supposedly went.

It's getting to the point where face to face confrontations are going to happen.
It's the ACMA's job to keep the peace.

I get it that the ACMA thinks people like me are regressed red neck hicks.
That may be so, but even red neck hicks have the right to use a CB radio without GOADING from a complete #ucking idiot.

My friends and I are trying to handle matters by the law.

Please enforce it.

Thank you,
Rodney [full name and phone number removed]
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« Reply #13 on: February 27, 2018, 11:07:37 AM »

Is that right? He tried to root a 13 YEAR OLD?

No wonder 30 odd people wanted to knock his block off.

 Wood Chopping

"If a clutered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign."  Albert Einstein

Well, I have the cluttered desk, I guess that's a start!
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The figure of "30" actually came out of his own mouth over the radio about 2 years ago. This was at the same time he told the world over CB that his mother "doesn't respect" him, and that he "never went to" his "fathers funeral". (yet lives in his house)

Oddly he never mentioned why "30" people turned up, or why he never reported the incident to the police.

Yes, the reason has since come out - a lot of people were mad at him for kicking an under age girl (Stacy Robinson...the same Stacy admin in the Facebook CB group) out of his car and making her walk home, because she wouldn't have sex with him.

This is the same Mr Ivan Primorac that was going around more recently telling folks that Zane was supposedly caught messing around with an under age girl.

Mr Ivan Primorac is the last person on earth that should be going around accusing people.

Doing so, only displays some form of self delusional mental illness.
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